Filth has always been a leading muse for me...

It is called "napkin Shirt" and it is my latest fabric creation. Frankly i'm surprised it took me so long to come up with the idea.

i first began sewing my own clothes about three some years ago prompted by my own inability to find apparel that match my particular tastes.  another catalyst was my drive to create something; and having failed at art, literature, and music; there were only so many straws left to cling to.  Since then i have managed to complete my entire wardrobe via needle and thread.  outside of my work clothes everything i own is, in many senses of the phrase, tailor made.

the napkin Shirt is my simplest design yet.  it is nothing more than a square of cotton fabric folded in half and sewn up the sides with about four inches left open on each side for the arms.  nonetheless, it excites me so.

i wish i could have the gonads to say i set out to accomplish this creation; but like most things that stumble their way from my mind to the realworld; it was happenstance at most planned. Last week i purchased a chunk of whitish fabric to make a shirt for the summer; having the shape already in mind in my head. I finished the sewing itself within two episodes of the Simpsons; and was already sporting a shirt as i hunkered down to watch the third.

Not a big fan of the allwhite; i felt the need to dye my new creation.  But how...and with what?

Lucky for me, a chocolate donut i was eating at the moment was quick to solve this quandary for; as donuts are so often prone to do.

And so, as i wrested the chocolaty residue from my fingertips via the crinkles of my new garment, the napkin Shirt was born.  it's dyeing will follow a pattern that, in retrospect, most of my other shirts have more or less already followed.  It will be decorated and by the leavings and drippings i drop when donning it. A most cacaphonic kaleidoscope of mud puddles and jelly donuts.  A sordid mappa mundi of my deralict customs and slipshod habits.  it's gonna smell like beer and beer.  I am very excited for this whole thing to come to fruit.  Filth has always been a leading muse for me...

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