i really love the bastards...

A high-speed collision with a ten-year old was a memorable end to my six month contract teaching at grade schools in Sakai city.  it also tore a nice hole in my longjohns and suitpants as well as stamping two large festering wounds on my knee and elbow.  little Nishi-kun, how you survived that crash is a mystery to medical science.

"Tag": don't let it happen to your children.

Now i am officially on vacation.  huddled in my kotatsu gulping coffee i contemplate the day passed previous.  my first Monday off was spent battling the immigration office, the travel agency, my dispatch company, realtors and my bank account.  there were no surviver.

I have secured my next work contract.  i am using the same dispatch company as before; a rare move amongst foreigners.  the pay is crap but i will get August and half of December free (unpaid) but free.  this will allow me to do something i have wanted to do for awhile; bum around Germany and possibly Denmark for a month,  improving my German and taking some wonderful hikes.  in December i can plane back to my hometown and enjoy a snowy New Year with family, friends and dark beer. this will be a year of travel.

As for April's work; once again i have scheduled myself to labor in the dungeons of grades Five and Six.  Shackled to the chalk board afor thirty some children on the cusp of puberty I will bear their unabashed repugnance for learning of all ilk in a furious attempt to relay to them the importance of that chunk of cell-mass sloshing around inside their skull-space.  All while the head Japanese teacher slouches in the back allowing his eyes to glaze over as he rigorously inspects the inner workings of his nostrils with the tip of his pinky.

I say this now, but in all truth i really love the bastards...

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