than bear the embarassment of blowing their nose in public...

Things to blow my nose on other than tissue:
shopping receipts
knitted gloves
air (farmer's blow)

Oh, i've used them all!  why oh why does this incessant dripping of mucous not curtail? grrrr.

At present i suffer from two nostril relate tabacles; the running and the stuffy.  The stuffy nose only comes out at night; at the instant i become vertical.  as soon as my head hits the pillow it is like my nose closes to business for the night.  doors locked, lights out; end of another fine day in the oxygen trade.

On the worse days, the seal will be so tight within my nasal cavities, that with every swallow of saliva my ear's pop like i'm ascending on an airplane.
Luckily, the saliva doesn't last very long.  With my nose not taking applicants; everybody lines up at the mouth.  in a permanent state of ajar my mouth desperately rushes to take in that precious precious oxygen throughout the entire night.

and in the morning: the aftermath

my tongue, a sandy forgotten ghost town of dehydrated tastbuds.  my uvula hangs its head haggard from eighthours of relentless wind. somewhere behind a molar, a tumbleweed rolls.

tragic: my nasal cavaties. 

However this pales in comparison to the unresting drippage i deal with throughout my waking hourse. with the runny nose i must be always vigile as i never know when a snotty wave will come gushing forth for a surprise attack (and they do gush).  on my persons i must always carry tissues or toilet papers.  if not then i am forced to utilize one of the options listed above. 
Sniffling is not an option for me.  sniffling just results in a more horrendous flow later on.  or, even worse, the dreaded nodal flow; when what was to drain out the nostrils decides to take the back exit.  egades.

the japanese Love the nodal flow.  it is their decided solution to drippage of anykind.  if ever i get a sniffler next to me on the train it is almost always followed by a shameless gulp.  the japanese, it seems, would rather swollow their own boogers than bear the embarassment of blowing their nose in public...

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