so begins my adventures in astigmatism...

i have decided to relieve my eyes of the addiction that is perscription. 

my theory, based off of fragmented thoughts bounced around while staring out the train window, is that; my eyes, having spent most of their life behind the iron curtain of medically altered glass, have been weakened if not numbed by their lack of exposure to a world uncensored by foculation. with every passing framed year my eyes have undergone a slow moleification; i give myself five to ten more years before i am utterly dependent on ecolocation or my legendary sense of smell (i've could find five grains of salt in a bag of sugar on olfactory power alone).

this simply won't do.

some serious optical training is required.

and i figure the first hurdle to topple is to rip the greatest crutch from the bridge of my nose.

my Glasses.

however my ocular addiction is much too far advanced for cold turkey methods.  i will, for the time being, need to keep a pair of the loathsome lorgnettes on my persons at all times to avoid Mr.Magoo-esque mishaps (which i'm most certain would run amock in my daily; though this could be a plus).

sans-spectaculs, my eyesight is a Monet painting.  it is worst at night, where traffic lights and street lamps turn my surroundings into a pond if water lilies.  beautiful, until you walk face first into a tree.  Delilification happens at about a yards distance from the target; naturally the smaller or brighter the object is the closer the range need be before the image crisps.  everything else in the background is a two-year old's fingerpainting.  without the paintstained child's explanation you wouldn't know if it was grandpa or an airplane (finger's crossed that it's a mix of both).

Still, despite the overexaggerated dangers, i beleive this to be a worthy venture.

so begins my adventures in astigmatism...

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